Griliaj Cake

Griliaj cake

A classic and yet so current recipe!

A handmade pastry product, always up to date. According to the recipe, it contains fried peanuts in burnt sugar cream.

It is a natural product without preservatives or additives, without artificial dyes.

Ingredients: wafer sheets, eggs, hazelnuts, vegetable fat, biscuits, sugar.

Store well over time, in the original packaging, in a dry and cool place.


Nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy - 443,11 Kcal.
Fats- 8,65 g.
Saturated fatty acids - 3,12 g.
Carbohydrates s - 71,92 g.
Sugars - 37,65 g.
Proteins - 8,62 g.
Salt - 0,17 g.

How we produce them

Our master pastry chef takes care of the caramel filling cream. Once the cream is ready, it is poured in a frame over a layer of wafer sheets, layer after layer. It is then covered with a new layer of wafer sheets at the end and allow to cool.

Being a handmade product, it receives the full attention of our team.