About us

De la Neamu – is the brand under FAN RIN RRS S.R.L. is present on the market niche of patisserie, and on big national distributors over the years.

The company is based in western Romania in Deta, a 6.500 inhabitants town, 30 km south from Timisoara. It is settled on the Bârzava river field area, a typical Banat area town consisting of a large mix of people of many nationalities, cultures and crafts, a place that people lived peacefully together along the time. (https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deta)

Being a family company, managed by Mr. Ilie Neamu, The company proudly invested in local community over the years, by assuring working places, training the personnel, and accessing new technologies in the field.
So, on our side works a team of people that can achieve their dreams, grow their kids and enjoy a better life.

We hope that you will enjoy our products. We made them with care, manually, like we do in our own house, products that we try to make them as good and healthy only from natural ingredients with no preservatives, no colorants and no additives.

We are glad that we can help at the development Deta, a town that became to us home, community and dear place to be.