Our history

De La Neamu – is the brand under which FAN RIN RRS S.R.L. is present on the pastry market.

January 2017 marks the beginning of our pastry business by producing savory pretzels and homemade chocolate bar, which were a real success on the market. Due to the success we had at the request of our customers, we started in the following years to expand our range of products, thus introducing in our portfolio also the traditional jam croissants.

The years 2018-2019 mark a significant development of the company by increasing the production capacity and the number of staff so that a new category of traditional pastry products is born, namely premium pastry products: grilling, walnut biscuits and the honey bee cake.

In the coming years, major investments will be made in modern machinery, pastry lines from Italy and Germany, laminators and state-of-the-art automatic packaging machines. At the same time, during this period, the company marks an improvement of human resources, marketing and distribution.

Today, the company makes a number of 20 different pastries, producing 800 tons of finished product annually.