Bee honey cake Albinuta

A new product will join the series of premium products we make this year, the “AlbinuĊ£a” honey bee cake.

It is a classic dessert, very well known and appreciated in the western part of the country, with a long history.

It was one of the cakes present on the market in the interwar period but also in the socialist period of the country, being a cake present in most confectioneries of that time. Being very good, easy to make and from simple ingredients, it has earned a well-deserved place in the memory of generations.

By adding “AlbinuĊ£a” in the series of our products, we want to bring a nostalgic note aside and a note of continuity, on the other hand, in the homemade pastry in our area.

There is no single recipe for this cake, you will find many variants even now, but we try to come up with a simple, good version with natural ingredients that will keep the charm and atmosphere of another time.